The Role an Estate Agent Plays When You Are Renting a Property

Role an Estate Agent Plays When You Are Renting a Property

Estate agents are usually only primarily associated with the buying and selling of homes. Although, estate agents are able to do much more than that.

An estate agent can do more than just help people find their perfect home. They can also bring a plethora of advantages to those who are looking to let their property.  

In this article, we will be discussing the crucial role an estate agent is able to fulfil if you are looking to let your property, as well as the wide array of advantages that follow.  


Never Struggle to Find a Tenant with an Estate Agent

One of the main causes of worry for home letters is the thought of them not being able to find a tenant for their property for an extensive period of time.

These worries are not unfounded. If someone cannot find a tenant for their home, they will continue to lose money every single week that that vacancy is not filled. In the worst-case scenarios, this has even turned into a nightmare for some when they are no longer able to pay the mortgage of their property and lose it as well as their own livelihood in the process. 

Although, there is a way to almost prevent this entirely; an estate agent.

With an estate agent's knowledge and contacts, you will more than likely have next to no trouble finding a tenant. In addition, an estate agent will do all the heavy lifting by making sure the tenant which you are considering letting your home to is a good tenant and unlikely to cause problems. 

All the points mentioned above lead to an estate agent being extremely beneficial to home letters. There's a drastically reduced chance you won't be stuck paying for a property without a tenant, you won't have to worry about making sure the tenant you choose is suitable, and you will have someone to talk to if you need advice.  

An estate agent can not only save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and headache, but they can also potentially save you in the case you are struggling to get a tenant for your property.  

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Extensive Knowledge of Estate Agent That Can Benefit You  

An estate agent that is reputable and experienced more than likely has decades of experience within the housing market, which can be tremendously beneficial to would-be home letters.  

There are a lot of variables people don’t even think about when looking into letting their home, some of which can have drastic consequences. For example, many people do not even know that unless a certain percentage of a letters mortgage is paid, it is illegal for them to let their home.  

The number of variables to consider when you are letting your home are too numerous to count, an experienced estate agent can give you crucial and needed advice that may just be able to save you from tragedy. 

Another critical area where an estate agent's expertise would be extremely valuable is when deciding how much you want to charge for rent.  

An estate agent can take into account the property, the location, and the available opportunities, and come up with the perfect price for you to charge that will make your property competitive but successful.  

All in all, an estate agent can provide valuable advice from having decades of experience dealing with similar situations to yours, which will be invaluable.  

Is an Estate Agent Needed?

Having an estate agent on your side while letting your property can help you avoid many of the common pitfalls many other people find themselves falling into.  

So, even though having an estate agent by your side isn't required, it will more than likely be a tremendous benefit to you, and you will more than likely be way better off in the long run.


Not only are estate agents able to help you maximise the profits that come from your property, but they also spare you all the unnecessary headache and uncertainty that comes with certain aspects of letting a property.  

If you are looking to find an estate agent to work with or looking to buy a property in the UK, then don’t forget to consider TRPE- The Real Property Experts. All of our agents are more than qualified, with most having decades of experience in the industry. Feel free to contact us here.
Good luck.

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