Renting Property in Baker Street? All You Need to Know

Renting Property in Baker Street? All You Need to Know

Thinking of renting space near the most iconic address in English History? This article may come in handy!

When you mention Baker Street to anyone, their mind immediately recalls the accomplishments of Sherlock Holmes and his accomplice, Dr. John Watson. Save for that, this is much more to renting space than that. You must consider where the nearest shopping district is. What about recreational facilities? And the all-important question of how much rent you should expect to pay. 

Our experienced team offers its take to renters who are eyeing this piece of real estate. 


What Are Your Options? 


One thing about the Baker Street property market is its diversity in options. Whether you are a student, young professional or a family of four, there is something for you. The property market offers studio apartments as well as 1 bed to 4 bed terraces. 

Studio apartments are available from around £300 per week while expect to pay £400 per week for a 1-bedroom apartment. Apartments with 2 bedrooms and more are targeted by young families are rented out as from £550 per week to around £1500 per week. 

We must however clarify that the rental price is also a function of several elements such as the location of the property, accessibility, proximity to amenities/ services, fittings and also the condition of the property/ unit. 

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Rich History 

Baker Street takes great pride in its rich and diverse history. While Sherlock Holmes is arguably the best-known character, there are other notable mentions such as William Baker, the famous and established 18th century builder after whom the street is named after, H. G. Wells and Arnold Bennet. Baker Street pays tribute to these men and women who have played a huge part in its history. 

Walking around Baker Street, you get to appreciate the use of murals, paintings and museums that portray the character and contribution of the greats. Expect to see a concert, film or some other art festival depicting their lives. It is also a common sight in Baker Street to see the occasional domestic or international tourist with a camera or phone taking a photo.  


The Architecture

If you didn’t know, Baker Street is located within the larger Marylebone neighbourhood. If that comes as news to you, only a visit to the neighbourhood will make you appreciate the Georgian architecture. The unique red-brick architecture has been well-preserved by the local council and the community. Once you get to know the area more intimately, you will always find yourself taking walks and strolls in the beautiful sections of Marylebone.


After a hard day or week of toiling in the office, it is only obligatory for you to treat yourself. After all, you only live once, right? If you adhere to this ideal, then renting in Baker Street is the best decision you are going to make this year. The neighbourhood has a plethora of bars, restaurants and coffee shops. 

The number of recommendations that we have can’t fit in this article. However, here are some options that you should try; the Chiltern Firehouse, the Orrery and the Royal China Club. If you are one who loves to try cuisines, try out the Royal China Club known for its Cantonese dishes and ambience. 

For the shoppers, stroll down toMarylebone High Street. The exclusive boutiques and shops will definitely have what you are looking for.

Regent’s Park 

Living in London can take a toll on your emotional and mental state. By renting space in Baker Street, you are just a stone’s throw away from an oasis of calm and tranquillity, Regent’s Park. Just a few minutes away, you have 400 acres of true freedom. Sports enthusiasts can choose to hire a rowing boat or take part in a 5 v 5 in one of the sports arenas. A walk up Promise Hill offers you some of the best views available in London.  

A Community Feel 

The modern-day renter regards the community aspect of a neighbourhood highly. After all, humans are social beings and need to interact with one another, to some extent. Marylebone really comes alive in the summer with nights of activities, music, charity events and a summer film. 



When it comes to renting out a property, you need to engage with an experienced, qualified and reputable realtor. Such a realtor knows the dynamics of the local property market. They can help you lock down the perfect unit, taking into consideration your tastes and preferences.   
If you are also looking for a property to rent in Bakers Street or in London, visit our website or get in touch with us today.

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