Not Sure Which Household Bills To Pay As A Tenant?

Not Sure Which Household Bills To Pay As A Tenant?

After moving into your new apartment, you will be responsible for the bills. However, it is important to know which bills you are responsible for and your rights as a tenant, especially if you are a first-time renter and you are not sure.

This article spells out the bill you are obligated to pay and the ones your landlord is responsible for.

Council tax

This bill is on you, and it is due to the council. The amount you pay depends on how much your property is worth, your property band, and local authority. If you need to confirm the exact amount due, you will have to contact your local council.

Depending on your circumstances, you might qualify for a reduction. For instance, you might get an exemption if you are a full-time student or earn belongs to a low income group.

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Energy bill

Again, this bill usually falls on you. In some cases, your electricity and gas bills might be lumped into your rent. Whichever is the case will be stated in your tenancy agreement.

When you pay directly, you are entitled to choose your supplier. You can check online for the best supplier and plans to save on costs.

Water bill

This one can be in your name or the landlord’s name, depending on your tenancy contract. If it is the latter, the bill is lumped into your monthly rent. However, you can’t shop around for another supplier. You will either be on the standard tariff or have a water meter.

Sewage and garbage bill

This is usually handled by the landlord, although you are ultimately paying it as it is factored into your rent.

Phone and broadband bill

Your phone and broadband bill is your responsibility. You might not make phone calls with a landline, but you might need it for the internet. It is possible to bundle your phone and TV bills into a single package, to get cheaper rates than paying separately. You can shop around for the best deal from different suppliers to reduce your costs.

TV bill

If you plan to watch TV in your new apartment, you will have to pay for the license. Fines for dodging the payment can be up to £1,000.


Your landlord is responsible for insurance for the apartment, as the owner of the building. This insurance covers the structure and permanent fixtures.

However, you are responsible for the insurance of the contents of the apartment, as they belong to you. This insurance covers your gadgets, furniture, jewellery, etc.

Service charge bills

You may be required to contribute to the fund for settling gardening bills or other communal maintenance expenses.

Advantages of utility bills lumped into the rent

It is convenient as you do not have to track payments monthly or handle the paperwork. You make a single payment, instead of multiple payments to different people. It also makes budgeting easy as you do not have to worry about fluctuating bills. However, you must be sure of which bills your contract covers before agreeing to it.

Disadvantages of utility bills lumped into the rent

You might end up paying for more than you consume as the bill you pay is estimated. You won’t be able to change your suppliers as you do not have a contract with them. Also, you are at the mercy of your property manager if they try to cut costs by using methods that limit your consumption.


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Refundable Holding deposit

Capped at 1 weeks rent

Security Deposit

Capped at 5 weeks rent for annual rental under £50,000, or 6 weeks rent for annual rental over £50,000


The agreed monthly rent

Changes to tenancy

Capped at £50 inc VAT

Early termination charge

Not exceeding the landlord’s financial losses

Late payment of rent

Interest of 3% above BoE base rate for each day the rent is late, once it is 14 days overdue

Replacement keys

Reasonable costs or give the tenant the option to purchase themselves

Utilities, council tax, communication services, TV Licence etc

Tenants own responsibility unless otherwise stated in contract

Client Money Protection Scheme Membership details

The law requires your membership details

Property Redress Scheme Membership details

The law requires your membership details