How To Improve The Value Of Your London Property?

How To Improve The Value Of Your London Property?

Are you putting up your property for sale? Don’t rely on the market to offer you good returns. Take matters into your own hands. By following the simple guide prepared by our expert team, you can increase the value of your London home. 

Your Garage As A Living Space 

As a London property owner, you must appreciate the fact that parking in the city comes at a premium. With parking such a scarce resource, your garage could be one of the most valuable characteristics of your property.  

If you are using your garage for storage, this is the time to do the decluttering that you have postponed for all these years. Make it usable by fixing the broken garage door, replacing the window panes and organizing a sale of all your old items. Replacing or fixing these items comes at a low cost while significantly boosting the value of your home. 

Even if you have off-road parking on your property, your parcel is more lucrative than hundreds of other similar properties in the market. 

The Kitchen  

We know that you have limited funds. If there is one room that we recommend that you prioritize for renovation, it is the kitchen. Making a complete renovation of your kitchen can be quite expensive. Go at it piece by piece. You will be surprised at how small changes to your kitchen can make a significant difference. 

As the central point of any house, home buyers look at the kitchen. By making simple aesthetic changes e.g., changing the tiles or adding a new coat of paint, you can completely improve the value of your home. 

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Addition Of A Loft 

Another way of improving the value of your London property is by increasing the number of bedrooms in your home. Adding a new extension to your home can be an expensive endeavour. Consider a loft conversion. It is a more efficient and cheaper option. 

To implement a loft conversion, you will first need to apply for a planning permission at the local council offices. It is recommended that you partner with the reputable and experienced real estate service provider to streamline the process. 

A Blank Slate 

A home is where a family or a household can make memories. You therefore need to prepare the canvas for a family to write their own memories. This does not negate the earlier advice on remodelling the kitchen. But when it comes to the other spaces, such as the living room and bedrooms make them as generic as possible. 

Simply the decorations and other fittings. By keeping things neutral, you are inviting households to make their own mark on the property.

Kerb And Garden Appeal 

They say first impression matters. And we are reiterating the same. The first thing that a prospective buyer sees as they view your property is the exterior. If you are planning on selling the property, be ready to upgrade your kerb appeal. Match the colour of your kerb to that of the house. Throw in some ironmongery.  

At the back, why don’t you consider a garden? Last but not least, the addition of a patio or a deck has the potential of improving the value of your London property.  


There a myriad of ways on how to improve the value of your London home. The list that we have offered is not an exhaustive list. To get the best service for your home, visit our website and get in touch with our experienced team. We will be able to advise you on the potential areas of improvement.    

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