A Guide To Becoming An Estate Agent In London – With No Prior Experience

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Becoming an estate agent is an aspiration of many students and adults alike, and there are a plethora of reasons why this is the case.

People seem to imagine a particular lifestyle and image when they picture themselves as estate agents, which is one of class, style and luxury – and this assumption isn't unwarranted. 

Successful estate agents in London often spend most of their time in expensive suits while touring people around the most luxurious apartments. It's no secret that this is a job and lifestyle that many people desire. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to become an estate agent in London with no prior experience. 

Why Become A Real Estate Agent?

One of the main draws that make people gravitate towards a career in real estate is the job's freedom. 

Most of the time, real estate agents can set their own hours, dress however they want, and overall have one of the most flexible careers out there. This is the counter culture to the standard 9-5 job, which can sometimes leave many people unsatisfied and wanting a change. 

Another fantastic benefit of being a real estate agent is seeing new houses and apartments constantly. Some of which may even be mansions or high-rise penthouses. Constantly getting to see new houses is something that many people would do for free, so getting paid for it would be a dream for the large majority. 

In addition, the constant influx of new homes brings a lot of variety and can stave off any feelings of repetitiveness – everything always feels fresh and exciting.

Last but not least, a career as a real estate agent doesn't take a lifetime to get started, unlike many other careers. Having a formal education isn't even required. This can be a huge factor for people interested in becoming an estate agent as they won't have to dedicate a large portion of their lives to learning and education. 

Who Can Become An Estate Agent?

Before we discuss how you can become an estate agent, it's essential to discuss who would be a good fit for the job.

Have you ever asked yourself, "can I become a real estate agent?". If so, the answer is yes. With the right knowledge and know-how, anyone can become an estate agent. Don't be demotivated just because of your perception of what a real estate agent does; if someone else can do it, you can too. 

No formal qualifications are needed to become an estate agent, although the higher your academic level, the better. There are also courses in real estate offered by universities and colleges that offer a massive boost to people serious about becoming an estate agent. In addition, any previous experience with sales or positions that deal with people would be beneficial but not required.  

Common Mistakes That Can Reduce the Value of Your Property

property valuation

Where Do I Start To Become A Real Estate Agent?

To become a real estate agent, the best thing you can do is take a college or university class related to real estate. If there isn't a specific course for real estate, then courses such as business or finance will also suffice. 

After this, you will want to learn everything about real estate that you can in your own time. Education can give you so much, but it lacks that personal touch that is offered by books or videos. 

Indulge yourself in as much information as you can about real estate. Read books, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube videos about real estate, and eventually, you will become knowledgeable enough to begin taking your first steps in the industry.

In addition, getting a job at a real estate firm will be so helpful when it comes to learning how property listing works. It's always good to get some hands-on experience, and it will give you a much better understanding of property listing, which will be one of your primary roles as a real estate agent. 

From here, you'll want to take a specific course on real estate from a third-party service not associated with a college or university. This shows that you are willing to go above and beyond to become as qualified as possible.

By this point, you will be more knowledgeable and qualified than 90% of other aspiring real estate agents. You will be able to get a beginner position or an apprenticeship with a company with ease.

How Many Years Will It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent?

If you are already college / university-qualified, you could become a real estate agent within a year if you are incredibly motivated and disciplined. 

Apart from formal education, all the steps we listed in the above section can be overlapped and completed as quickly as you can handle. 

Although, a good rule of thumb for most people will be 1-3 years in order to become qualified and knowledgeable enough to begin their career as a real estate agent. 

However, this should not dishearten you. After you have completed all the prerequisites we discussed, you will be in a great position to get a job, and you will more than likely get hired with ease. 


Becoming a real estate agent is possible for anyone. Many people forgo trying to become a real estate agent because of their perceptions about the housing industry, and people think it's almost impossible to get a job in this field. 

But the reality is, it's not as complicated as people think. 

If you follow the steps we have given you in this article, you will be well on your way to becoming an estate agent, and nothing is stopping you.

For more information about real estate agents, feel free to visit our website. TRPE is one of the best estate agent firms in London - you can also view the latest property listings in the areas we cover, and we are guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Good luck.

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