5 Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Property

5 Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Property

Any homeowner's dream is to sell a property for more than the amount they paid for it. Sometimes, the appreciation doesn't happen on its own, and you have to put in an effort. If you plan to put your property on the market, we have compiled five methods to increase its worth.

Some of the steps are not complicated, while you might need authorization for the others. However, the effort is worth it as you will make a profit on your sale.

The first step is to make your property free of damages or issues.

Do Necessary Major Repairs

Buyers do not like houses that they have to spend a fortune to renovate and make livable. If your home has a structural problem that makes it unsafe, you have to deal with it first. Any other renovation is only skin-deep if the main issues are not addressed.

Repairs under this category include sagging or leaking roofs, damps, cracking walls, sunken floor or slab, decaying roof timbers, etc.

While such repairs may be expensive, they are significant determinants of how much buyers are willing to pay for your property.

Modernize The Amenities

If you are selling an old house, there is a chance that the amenities are old and from a different era. This sometimes applies when selling inherited homes. Such amenities are often not as efficient or cost-effective as modern ones.

An example is the central heating system. Some older houses do not even have one installed. You could make it more efficient by adding new radiators or a heated towel rail. These new additions should be accompanied by other secondary methods like replacing broken windows or double-glazing, sealing openings that heat could escape from, adding insulation to the loft space, etc.

You might also try updating the rewiring and plumbing system to modern ones. Since this could involve tearing up floorboards and making conduits in the wall, you should do this before making cosmetic upgrades.

Add extra sockets, install a modern electricity meter, change the lighting fixture and extractor fans. Check the water and waste pipes for leaks and use pressurized plumbing systems instead of gravity-fed ones.

Cosmetic Uplifts

A house that looks good is attractive and can make an excellent first impression on the buyer. Remember that it might be pictures selling the home for you on online listings. Make sure the finishing is ok. You can do many of the tasks as DIY. For example, apply a new coat of paint, especially in the living areas, fixing loose or missing tiles, repair damaged windows, repair cracks in the ceiling, etc.

If there is a garden, do not leave it untended. Make the patio welcoming and livable. Do a kitchen makeover.

Add More Useful Room

There are several ways to add more room to your home. For example, you can achieve the same effect by splitting the property into flats. This single step could add up to 30% value even when you rent out. However, you must first confirm if apartments are in demand in your area.

Add a garden office where possible as they are a big draw for people who prefer quietness when working from home. It could cost anywhere from £5,000 to £20,000, but it is worth it when selling.

Other homeowners increase the usable space by converting the loft to a bedroom and thereby add an estimated £23,754 to the value of their homes. This kind of renovation generally does not need approval as you are not adding a new volume.

Other Enhancements

Properties with extra or special features are priced higher on the market. For example, investing in solar panels will make buyers appreciate your property more, especially now that environmental conservation is trendy. Get a trained technician to fix your solar panels. You benefit in the short term by getting cheaper electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.

Doing up the bathrooms is another way to make your property appreciate. Make them airy, fresh, and hygienic. Replace chipped or stained tiles.

Final Word

While it is possible to increase your property's value, be mindful that there is usually a ceiling value for properties in most areas. This means you have to weigh the cost to the potential benefits.

If you too are wondering how to increase your property value, get in touch with our team at TRPE- The Real Property Experts on 02077232393 or call in and we will help you sell your property at the best price.


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