5 Home Improvement Tips to Increase London Property Value

5 Home Improvement Tips to Increase London Property Value

With the extraordinary prices of properties in London now, it leaves everyone wanting to capitalise on this and make the best returns on their properties as possible.  

However, oftentimes people tend to focus on the areas of a property that do not add much value to the overall property, and their efforts would be much better utilised If focused on other areas.  

In this article, we will be sharing with you five crucial home Improvement tips that will have the most impact in improving your property's value, as well as strategies that have the most bang for their buck.  

1. Reinvigorating the Kitchen can Have Exponential Returns  

One of the areas that reside within a property that happens to have a large influence on the overall valuation of a property is the kitchen. 

For many people, having a good kitchen is essential, and people are willing to pay more just to find properties with a good kitchen, even though the property may be nothing to write home about.  
This is because people spend a large portion of their time within a kitchen and it's also one of the areas in which guests will commonly sit when visiting.  

Because of all the aforementioned reasons, opting to upgrade or completely redo your properties kitchen can exponentially increase its price.  

2. Luxurious Bathrooms Increase Valuations  

Along with the kitchen, a luxurious bathroom also helps to increase the value of a house.  

More and more people are craving the luxurious bathroom look now, and people are willing to pay a lot more in order to get a property that has a ravishing bathroom. 

Furthermore, spicing up a bathroom and making it more luxurious is normally one of the more affordable rooms to fix up, so it gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck. 

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3. Wooden Flooring is the New Craze  

Something which may be a little time consuming but relativity cheap when it comes to home innovations is simply opting to get wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is in high demand right now and everyone seems to want a property with wooden floors because of that modern look it is commonly able to give.  

It may take a little elbow grease and headache to completely replace the majority of the flooring in a property, but it will more than likely pay you back ten-fold in terms of returns.  

4. Optimise the Use of any Garden Space  

Due to the limited amount of outdoor space for properties in London, gardens and outdoor areas are in extremely high demand.  

Even if you have a small section of outdoor space, it will be more than worth it to try and optimise this space by making it look as good as possible and utilising every inch available to you. 

This is something that can be done relatively cheaply, and its potential returns are astronomical. 

5. Great Lighting gives the Illusion of Higher-Quality 

Perhaps the easiest way of increasing property value on our list is by incorporating good lighting practices. 

Having good lighting can make properties look much more luxurious and expensive than they otherwise would have, and it can even lead to people being willing to pay more. 

Ideally, this light would come from natural light by having bigger windows or open spaces, but the same effect can be made just by optimising the lighting of a property.   


If one applies all the tips we mentioned throughout this article, you will have no problem drastically increasing the value of your property.  

Sure, it may take some extra cash as well as elbow grease to implement some of the ideas we have given you to your property, but in the long run, it will be more than worth it and you will more than likely see a substantial improvement in valuation.  

If you are looking to buy a property in London and want to have access to the most recent listings on the market, feel free to contact TRPE- The Real Property Experts. We have next to instant access to any new property throughout the whole of London, and our professional team can help you with any and all problems you may face throughout your journey.  

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