2 Bed Property Price Guide in different London Zones

2 Bed Property Price Guide

Due to the vast size of London and all the differences between boroughs, there tends to be huge discrepancies in price between all of the different zones.  

This leads many people to wonder what locations in London offer the most bang for their buck. Although, it should be noted that in order to get a property situated in any area of London, you can expect to pay a pretty hefty price. 

In this article, we will be going through every section of London and discussing the prices of a 2-bedroom property in said location.  

Price of a 2 Bedroom Property in Different Parts of London  

1. Central London

The Central London has, as you would expect, the most expensive prices for homes out of any other location in the UK. 
For a two-bedroom property you can easily expect to pay over 1 million, and in some cases much more. 
Properties in Central London are extremely expensive. Although, they also offer some of the best returns for would-be investors. 

2. East London  

East London may perhaps be one of the more affordable areas for properties in London. Although, you can still expect to pay close to £400,000 for a two-bedroom property.  

East London may just be the best chance available to people in order to purchase a property in London without giving up an eye-watering check.  

3. North East London  

Two-bedroom properties in North East London tend to go in the higher-range prices for properties in London, although it's more affordable than other places.  
If you are looking at getting a two-bedroom property in North East London, you can expect to pay around £800,000. 

4. North London 

For those who are looking to purchase a two-bedroom property in North London, you could be looking at anything around the £500,000 mark.  
Although, some areas in North London can be a lot more affordable than the aforementioned price tag, coming in at around £300,000. 

5. North West London 

North West London has some relativity affordable properties when compared to the rest of London, although they are still certainly not cheap.  
For a two-bedroom property in North West London, you are looking at spending around £500,000. 

6. South East London  

South East London happens to be one of the pricier locations out of London as a whole.  
Even for a 2-bedroom property, you can expect to fork out around half a million just to get your foot in the door.  
All in all, South East London should be avoided for those who are looking to get into the London housing industry for a reasonable price.  

7. South London 

Surprising, 2-bedroom properties in South London tend to sell for reasonable prices. 
This means that the popular locations in South London can be a great way for people to buy a property in London, for not too much of an expense. 

8. South West London 

In South West London, you can expect to pay a fortune just for the most affordable of properties.  
Two-bedroom properties in South West London have been known to sell for upwards of £800,000. So, it may be a good bet to avoid this area if you are looking for something a little more welcoming.  

9. West London  

Yet another area you will want to avoid if you are looking to get a property in London without paying a small fortune; West London.  
West London is up there among the most expensive locations in London, and you can expect to pay upwards of £800,000 for a two-bedroom property. 


No matter where you look in London, you can expect to pay a pretty penny in order to purchase a property.  
Although, some areas can be relatively affordable compared to their high-end counterparts, and they can give a great way for new investors or homeowners to get their very own slice of London.  

If you are interested in purchasing a two-bedroom property in London, as well as any other type of property in London, do check TRPE- The Real Property Experts. We have properties for grabs all over London, including every single area that we have mentioned throughout this article.  
If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us.

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